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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 2, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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[cell phone ringing] paul: emma. hello? emma. emma, come on, say something. i know that you're there. emma. emma, where are you? you left us? why did you leave us? emma!
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hang on. hang on. look at me. i'm gonna get us some help. just hang on. thank you for not leaving me. breathe. [crying]
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel it there is a suspect allegedly use hi vehicle to ram three police car of police pursuit ends in gunfire, with the suspect dead. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. the dramatic pursuit traveled through streets in the south because and end in a south san josi neighborhood with police shooting and killing driver. that is where ktvu's debora villalon is live. >> reporter:
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heather, seven hours now into this shooting, and the suspect's body is still here, crime tape block our access as the investigation goes into the night. this cell phone video show the police pursuit. the suspect's car with a rear tire blown out. and patrol car on its tail a chase that would end minutes later, the driver, 25-year-old man shot by two police officers. >> i saw the guy laying on the ground and there was like, 30, 40 cop cars out there. >> we're thinking who are you and why don't you want to be caught? >> reporter: police say the driver of this sedan got their attention near campbell some six miles away, and when spotted a second time. >> driver of the car at that point rammed the police car, so he basically assaulted the officer. >> on the freeway for a time
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and weaving through neighborhood streets. >> during that pursuit, the suspect brandishes a firearm or what is believed to be a firearm at the officer throwing items out of the vehicle. >> reporter: items including a purse and baseball bat and during the chase the suspect bashes into at least two other police cars. police say when the suspect crashed and they confronted him, guns drawn, his behavior was threatening and they shot him, believing that they were in imminent danger. the suspect's mother came to the scene and collapsed in grief. he apparently lived nearby and was fleeing toward home. >> she didn't answer and just walked away and was yelling, "that is my son." that is my son. ," the officers who fire ready described as veterans. they are on leave, standard
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procedure as this death is investigated. it is their city's first officer-involved shooting this year after four last year and eight the year before. we're live in san josi, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. police in another bay area city shot a suspect today, coming up in just ten minutes, what sparked a separate deadly shooting? santa cruz police say they have arrested a man who allegedly stole flowers to the memorial for the two slain police detectives. wait saw a man take a large bouquet and leave in a taxi. the suspect is identified as kenneth maffei, who with a booked for vandalism and public intoxication. santa cruz police say they found a touching gift at memorial for those two detectives. on thursday, they discovered a purple heart attached to a small teddy bear. police say they are storing it for the officers' families.
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man who police say is responsible for the death of sergeant baker and deputy baker fell off two crucial police database because of a loophole. the santa cruz sentinel reported that the alleged begun was charged with attempted murder in oregon, raping two women in hawai'i and accused of peeping into windows numerous time. sapt cruz officers killed were at goulet's house to question him about an alleged groping. goulet was shot and killed by police. the memorial for the those two officers is now scheduled for thursday, march 7th at noon. at hp pavilion in san josi. the service was moved to this large venue to accommodate the thousands expected to attend that service. ktvu will carry that live and stream it live on east palo alto police are
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looking for a man who shot a man and injured a juvenile. police say they think he was arguing with someone in a black vehicle when a person inside that vehicle opened fire. police have not released the age of the other victim, but say he was taken to the hospital. now to oakland where police are investigating a double- homicide. police say they received report of gunshots at apricot and glen hime streets after 4:00 a.m. a man and woman were found in the streets and pronounced dead at the scene. no arrest have been made. this marks oakland's 14th and 15 homicide of the year. the gun buy back in santa clara. there were also several assault weapons turned in for $200. one participant says every gun collected counts. >> one in a hundred might end up in the wrong hands and if
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you get that one off the street, that is a good thing. >> sheriff official say $114,000 was used during today's event. the event was paid for by public funds from the county. meanwhile solano county is getting ready for its first- ever gun buyback event and right now more than $00,000 has been raised for the program. vallejo police chief told us it's important to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands and be used in a homicide. >> when people have access to guns and when they have access to guns in emotional situations, now know, tragedies occur and if we can do anything to prevent those by bringing guns from the streets i think we will have could be a lot of good for the community. >> the gun buyback is scheduled saturday, march 9th from so:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. at solano county fair grouped. $100 will be given foreperson handbags, shotguns and rifle and $200 for assault weapon. >> a united airline jet with
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107 people aboard landed safely at san francisco airport after the pilot reported mechanic trouble trouble. the pilot told controllers that the airbus a-19 developed problems with hydraulics. the flight landed safely around 4:30 p.m. and was towed to the gate. a day after signing the sequester spending cuts into effect, president obama today used his weekly address to blame the billions in cuts on republicans. >> it's happening because republicg a single wasteful tax loophole that help reduce the deficit. >> the president has sought to cut deficit by closing tax loophole and raising revenues. republicans have refused to budge on any tax increases saying that they made their last concessions over negotiation over the pick ital cliff. house minority leader nancy pelosi is back in the bay area after washington's high stakes drama over sequesterace.
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sequestration. lorraine blanco. >> yesterday we met with the president to talk about the sequester, and what does that mean? what does that word mean? it means unemployment and it means worse for women. >> reporter: at a fundraiser for the san francisco national coalition of 100 black women, house minority leadership nancy pelosi talked about the importance of strong women and what it will take to bolster mother and childrenment she says the sequester, billions of dollars of cuts will devastate families across california, including thousands of children who won't benefit from early education through head start. >> when those kids can't go to head start, they will be home and their mom will not be able to go to work. >> reporter: families with also expect student loan cut and cuts in unemployment benefits. proceeds from this afternoon will go to the group's employment and training program. women we talked with here say the cut are disproportionately affect women and minority. >> it's really devastating and
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it's so shameful we cannot work in a bipartisan way. >> reporter: the jabs continue. >> the president must stop using this debate as an excuse to raise taxes and start seizing this opportunity to cut spending. >> reporter: f? >> they are saying that we want big oil over little kids. >> that is the value that we have to take to the public. >> reporter: the president seemed hopeful many his weekly address and he says there is a caucus of commonsense out there and i will continue to seek out those leaders from both sides. in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. the reserve chairman ben bernanke was in the bay area, promising to keep interest rates low to bolster the economy he told a fed conference in san francisco that premature rate increases could shore circuit the recovery.
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. california republicans are holding their spring convention this weekend in sacramento. g.o.p. strategists karl rove spoke today and said in order to rebuild the republican party here in california, officials need to create a strategy to spread their message to a wider audience. he also said that the party needs to recruit diverse candidates, like his home state of texas did. >> on our ticket, white men were the minority. the majority of our ticket were african-americans, latinos and women. >> the convention ends tomorrow. california democrats will hold their state convention in sacramento next month. meanwhile the president of a prominent california g.o.p. group has re-opened a creasy over women and rape. celeste greig the head of the california republican assembly was asked by comment made by
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former missouri candidated to todd akin who derailed his campaign who says women's bodies with "shut down during rape." she added "the percentage ever pregnancies due to rape is small because it's a act of violence because the body is traumatize." the one study shows that the risk of pregnant is double than consensual sex. new development at that massive sinkhole that swallowed a man in florida. why officials have called off the search for his body and what is going to happen to the house? . take a look at, this angry birds at the state capitol. the reason is some people think this pair of geese is on the attack.
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. the police pursuit that began in daly city ended in san francisco with a suspect fatally shot by an officer this morning. ktvu's christien katon tell us what sparked the chase. >> reporter: san francisco and daly city police investigated for hours this morning, following a pursuit that ended with a daly city police officer shooting and killing a suspect. san francisco police say a cally city police officer initially spotted a stolen car with two men inside near the
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intersection of santa barbara and john daly boulevard. by phone this afternoon, san francisco police said one of their officers spotted the car in the city and gave chase. >> after the driver brandished a firearm at the officer. >> reporter: officer say the driver made a sharp furnfrom bay shore to hester and jumped out car of the police say the passenger surrendered immediately, but the driver ran way with a gun. >> daly city and san francisco police officers approached the fleeing driver who raised his gun at the officer daly city police officer fear for his life discharged his firearm at the suspect. >> reporter: that round hit the suspect in the chest. he died from his injuries. neighbor say the road here loops around on itself, making a getaway nearly impossible. >> when they come through here, they have have to come back up this way. there is no other way to go. >> reporter: you are still see a bullet hole in the fence near the seen of this morning's seeing we contacted san francisco police andte tell us that the passenger of the car has been questioned. at this point it's unclear
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whether or not he will be facing any charges related to this morning's incident. meanwhile we tried repeatedly throughout the day to get in contact with daly city police and so far we haven't heard from them. in san francisco,chistaan katon, ktvu charl. concern tonight is rising for a hayward woman who left home eleven days ago and never returned. today relatives spent the day handing out fliers with the photo of 29-year-old samantha tuia. tuia missed today's schedule with her 6-year-old daughter, something that family says she never does. relatives are especially worried because tuia has the mental capacity of a young teenage and is very trusting. video released shows the oakland couple thought to be missing in peru for over a
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month. the picture of garrett hand and jamie neal showed them apparently happy and in good hane. fear for their safety touched off a massive search. they surfaced earlier this week and finally called home. there is no word on when the two will return to the bay area. in hayward busy mission boulevard was shut down for hours due to a gas leak. pg&e says a road crew hit a 2" gas line around 10:15 on mission near fletcher lane. restaurant, a gas station and other business were evacuated while pg&e worked to get the line capped. it took until about 4:00 this morning to fix that line. in healdsburg a man is in critical condition after a house fire. firefighter say they found 44- year-old troy voelkel lying outside of his home this morning. he had 2nd and third-degree burn and flew to uc davis medical center in sacramento. investigator say they think the fire started in the kitchen, possibly in the stove. an investigation is underway in marin county after
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an inmate died at the jail. the 29-year-old man was found unresponsive in his cell yesterday. the sheriff's department says jail personnel and paramedics performed cpr, but the man was pronounced dead. >> according to protocol, outside d the investigation. the novato police and coroner are jherrymely work ogn this ace. a santa rosa man is under investigation for a fatal hit- and-run accident that involved people on the street in santa rosa. police say 60-year-old steven heath surrendered yesterday. he was arrested for vehicular manslaughter and felony hish in the daniel of 64-year-old george michael black. black was killed as he walked along montgomery drive in santrhodes wednesday afternoon. witnesses described seeing a light-colored four-door mercedes driveway. police impounded heath's mercedes 550. the santmoat county sheriff's offices is advising
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residents to watch out for burglars. sheriff official say they happened in the san mateo neighborhood. happening now a virtual look as life as a deputy with the san mateo's police department. live in san carlos with the first-ever social media ride along. >> reporter: hammer, i wonder what it would be like to walk or ride along with your neighborhood sheriff's deputys? you could do just that in san carlos and some people did. walking the downtown beat on saturday night is not unusual. >> starting our first-ever ride along. >> reporter: while facebooking and tweeting is. san mateo county sheriff deputy rosenblatt and smith met with owners and customers face- to-face of the but for the first time, they are can join
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in via twitter. >> it's pretty neat. everybody has some on-line presence. >> we want you to be put a face on the sheriff's office. >> it's all about a push to really interact with the community. >> reporter: it allow the sheriff's offices to know exactly where on the street they need to be. during our interview, this resident gave deputy smith his ticket for a broken taillight. >> perfect. looks good. >> reporter: and the sheriff's office a goal. >> the more they know about the neighborhood and people in the neighborhood tea all for the better. >> good night. >> have a good night. >> helping while tweeting to 840 follows hers so far and counting. >> i think it's really user- friendly. >> reporter: the san mateo county sheriff's offices covered sarge on a traffic stop and escorted some teens out eaton park. of course, this virtual ride along has about an hour and a half, so if you would like to
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get a hold of detective rosenblatt,ust go to your account. >> a pair of geese in sacramento aren't at all afraid to defend their territory. the geese are willing to take on all comers to the park that they call home. the people who feed them feel the geese are reacting to ill- treatment from dog or humans. >> some people agitate them, which is not good and you think that adds to the problem. >> think they probably got traumatized by either dogs or teenagers. >> or it could be the geese are simply aggressive because it's the start of mating season and the birds are known to strongly defend their nesting area. this story is truly unbelievable. an elderly woman dieses from a heart attack after a nurse refuses to give cpr and you have to hear the 911 call. plus protesters turn violent in egypt just as newly appointed secretary of state john kerry visits. >> and a-rod isn't giving to
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rethink possible. . fire crew in southern california say tonight they have fully contained that wildfire a few mile west of the riverside in the city of jurupa valley. wind-driven fire started thur and burned about 311 acres. this are are no report of injury or damage and no word yet on what started this fire. meantime, a thousand-acre wildfire in florida shut down part of a highway and forced hundreds to evacuate. it started this morning in an area south of daytona beach and quickly spread by gusty winds there. the florida highway patrol closed part of interstate 95 after smoke reduesed visibility to zero, causing a massive two- hour back-up. so far, a barn is the only
10:26 pm
thing damaged. official say the fire is now about 80% contained. in news of the world tonight in iran the iranian and syrian foreign minister met and criticized u.s. decision to give assistance to syrian renales fighting to overflow president al-assad. iran continues to support mr. azad, saying his future will be decided by elections, scheduled for next year. both ministers said the move by the u.s. will only extend the conflict. the united nations estimates 00,000 people 70,000 people have died since 2011. in egypt, protesters set fire to a police station in port said after a police vehicle ran people. it came razz secretary of state john kerry called on leaders to find common ground. is he in cairo for a nine-nation visit. and video was released of
10:27 pm
north korean leader kim jong-un and consider rodham watching a basketball team. rodman and kim jong-un watched the game on thur and rodman later called the dictator a an "awesome guy." the u.s. state department has distanced himself from rodman saying he does not represent the united states. a new report is casting baseball star alex rodriguez in an unfavorable light when it comes to charitable giving. according to the boston globe a charity started by him gave only 1% of the proceeds to the charity. irs records show in 2006 the foundation raisedded more than $403,000 at a celebrity pocker tournament, but only $5,000 was given to charity. . tomorrow crews will begin
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to demolish that florida house where a map was swallowed by a sinkhole. today officials ended their efforts to try to recover jeff bush's body. a large sinkhole opened up under his bedroom thursday night. rescuers have used devices to try to detect sign of life, but have been unsuccessful. now engineers say it's possible that the entire home could collapse and it's into the knot safe to continue the search. >> there is a very large, very fluid mass under this house, rendering the entire house and the entire lot dangerous and unsafe. >> two home on either side of the sinkhole have also been deemed unsafe. the homes have not been condemned, but the families may never be able to return. an elderly woman dies after a nurse refuses to perform cpr. >> we're going to let this lady die? >> coming up, we'll have much more on this troubling 9/11 911 call. and yahoo! employees no longer allowed to work at home and how the ceo used technology to bust them
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for not working enough.
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. a bakersfield retirement facility is under fire tonight following the death of an 87- year-old woman who was denied cpr. on tuesday, the victim lorraine bayless collapsed inenwood gardens dining hall, but despite pleas from the 911 dispatcher a nurse at facility refused to give cpr. >> we can't do cpr. >> hand the phone to the passerby. if you can't do it, hand it to the passerby and i will have her do it or any does hes there. >> no. no. >> anybody there can do cpr. give them the phone, please:i understand if your facility is not willing to do that. give the phone to that passerby, that stranger then. this woman is not breathing enough. she is going to die if we don't
10:32 pm
get this started. do you understand? >> the blenwood gardens cal are said it was against the facility's policy to perform cpr. >> we're going to let this lady die? >> that is why we're calling 911. >> she can't wait right now. she is stopping breathing. she can't wait for them to get there. >> seven minute after the 911 call was made an ambulance arrived and took playless to the hospital where she died. facility's executive director promised and internal review, but added residents know there is no nurse on stap to provide assistance saying, "our practice is to immediately call emergency medical personnel for assistance and to wait with the individual needing attention until such personnel arrive." dozens confer bay area nurses and doctors spent the day give back to the community. about 30 uninsured patient got same-day surgical procedures at kaiser permanente in san francisco all for free.
10:33 pm
it's all part of the program called operation access and over the past 20 years, it's helped thousands of low-income patients. one man we spoke to had double cataract surgery a procedure he says he could not afford on his own. honestly if it wasn't for operation access my only other option would have been to go blind, seriously. >> it's a wonderful opportunity to give back to our community and help those that normally don't have access to health care, to seek the help that they need. >> about 100 dollars, nurse and anesthesiologists took part. people are generally referred to program by local clinics. 13-year-old o'neill posed with the petaluma nationals. he will likely never play baseball again after getting hit in the head by a line drive
10:34 pm
last season that fractured his skull, but he is not done with sports. o'neill was one of the star players on his junior highway basketball team that was undefeated this year. his older sister sang the national anthem and she is recovering from melanoma and her family says she is now cancer-free. good news from. state game wardens would have new ways to handle mountain lion ent courts under guidelines just released. allowing rangers to consider nobody lethal ways to deal with the animal and set up a team of expert as consultants. proposals are in response to the outrage that followed the shooting of two emaciated mountain lion cubs in half moon bay. the man fell 50' to the ground just before noon today near midway and patterson roads in tracy. alameda county sheriff's office says the parasail received a.
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electricity, but the man was not elect rocuted. pg&e says there were no disruptions to service today. the federal government says plans to accept private bid for the restoration of moh etfield as hangar 1. the san josi mercury news that future of the airfield has been uncertain since toxins were discovered in 2003. google co-founders larry page and sergey brin have previously offered to pay the cost in exchange for storing their airplanes at the site. we're learning more about what was behind yahoo!'s decision to end employee telecommutes. ceo marissa mayer checked yahoo!'s virtual network logs and remote workers use that to securely log into yahoo!'s network and apparently employees were not willing in enough. player announced that telecommuting will end in june
10:36 pm
adding that yahoo! needs a moor collaborative work environment. >> the problem that the spacex dragon ran into mathat put it behind scheduled. >> and get the umbrella ready, meteorologist mark tamayo has more on our forecast coming up. you can get ktvu news to go on your cell phone, download the ktvu apple and click the lie icon and watch our news catches live. be connected anytime, anywhere. ♪ roundup
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. nasa engineers today gave the go-ahead for dragon cargo capsule to dock with the international space
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station. several thrusters meant to help the capsule approach the international space station failed. the capsule is own by the spacex company who got those thrusters working. nasa now says it's okay for the capsule to approach space station sometime tomorrow. >> lots of sunshine out there yesterday and today would be the transition day as mark, we head towards wet weather. >> yes, and still winter. got to remind ourselves that with temperatures the last few days in the mid-70s. temperatures not so chilly, mainly in the 50s and even a few lower 60s towards concord and antioch. san francisco 52 and oakland mid-50s. the wider perspective on live stormtracker 2 on the radar, you see some green showing up. most of this not reaching the ground. no report of measurable rainfall, but you can see a little bit of activity just offshore. most this moisture is falling
10:40 pm
above our head, so rain falling up above mainly 10,000'. here is what is happening that radar intersectioning the moisture in the upper-levels the atmosphere. below this we have a column of dry air and as a result the rainfall evaporates before it reaches the ground. once this column moistensum we'll talk about the chance of rain showers into your sunday. tomorrow morning the chance of a few sprinkles and temperatures mainly in the 40s to lower 50s towards san francisco and san josi. we have the escape from alcatraz triathlon tomorrow. here you can pick out the satellite. we have lot of overcast moving into the region from the south and west and basically tonight we'll hold onto the cloud cover. tomorrow there will be enough dynamics to squeeze out some showers. winds from 10-20 miles per hour. a bit of a breeze out.
10:41 pm
there here is our forecast model showing lots of cloud cover. it's not really generous why the rainfall coverage, but the chance of light showers or sprinkles tomorrow morning. into the afternoon hours, the eyest chance develops towards sonoma, napa towards solano county as well and possibly lake county the. that will be the overall theme by 2:00 and 3:00. by late in the afternoon into the early evening we scale back on the cloud cover -- we scale back on the clouds and remove the shower threat. that sets the stage for a dry monday. we have another storm to talk about. monday as i mentioned is dry. look at what happens into tuesday. we start out the morning hours dry, but increasing clouds throughout the day. chance of rain by tuesday afternoon, increasing just in time for the afternoon and evening commute especially from the golden gate bridge northward. these numbers come down 3-6 degree from today's high. half moon bay, 59 degree. you may run into a few
10:42 pm
sprinkles or light showers mainly highest chance up in the north bay. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast, monday partly sunny. there is that rain cloud, especially in the north bay by tuesday afternoon, gradually spreading south by the evening showers. showers likely wednesday and thursday a slight chance of showers. heather and ken, we're talking about upper 50s and lower 60s and get the umbrellas ready. it's the 54th annual white elephant sale in oakland. proceeds benefit the oakland museum of california. some shopper say they come back yea year after year. >> i know sundays are the last day that they are reducing and lowering the prices. so i got a really nice antique dress are for like $40 or something last year. >> the sale continues tomorrow
10:43 pm
from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at warehouse on lancaster street. admission is street. >> one year i have to get to that. a tweet about the future of 49er's receiver randy moss . sportswrap is next
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